“It’s awesome that patients and physicians have confidence in my software”

Senior software engineer Pieter Bijleveld has been employed at Demcon for the past 8 years and has developed a wide range of operating systems software. He tells us about the respiratory module used for people ranging from the newborn right through to adults. He is very proud of this product.

What has stayed with you from this project more than anything else?

In my view, the most exciting thing in the entire development process is when you first see the entire device in operation, the prototype. In case of the respiratory module an artificial lung is linked to the software I developed. It’s really awesome to see this!

Why is this such a special moment?

It is always a tense moment when a product is ready for the market and the software is about to be released. Because this is when a patient actually becomes dependent on the software. Someone once told me: ‘You need to ask yourself whether you would dare to hook up your own child or loved one to this device.’ If this is not the case, your product is not ready for the market. If you do not have any confidence in your own product, why would someone else be willing to rely on it?

What makes you particularly proud of this product?

As soon as your product is released to the market, you let it go. This is actually a pity. It would be tremendous to see my device used in actual practice. It is totally awesome that people have confidence in my software. There is no need for a nurse to stay with the patient all night, because the product issues an alarm. They fully rely on what I developed. As software engineer this is the biggest compliment anyone could pay me.

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