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  • “Collaborating on the world’s largest astronomy project is extremely fascinating”

    Optical systems engineer Ralph Pohl at Demcon works…

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  • ”I work on a method that helps reduce the depletion of the earth’s resources”

    As chemical engineer, Thimo te Molder is involved…

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  • ‘The “old-fashioned” Polaroid films now possess a touch of cutting edge technology’

    System engineer Ruud Hesselink is a mechanical engineer…

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  • “Simulating a world for robots with state-of-the-art machine learning was really cool.”

    Mechatronics systems engineer Judith Schoot Uiterkamp collaborated on…

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  • ‘Energy Systems is surrounded by an entire world that was entirely new to me’

    Mechatronics engineer Benke Verhoef recently started working at…

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  • “It’s a great feeling to use my mechanical skills to contribute to a better world”

    Senior mechanical engineer Michiel Aarts has been working…

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