support our business operations at Staff & Management.

Demcon not only employs engineers and technical staff. We also have many people working in support roles related to among others finance & control, IT and HR. There are also positions such as team lead and business developer. In a staff or management role, you contribute to the optimal efficiency of our business operations. You also help support the work and development of our technical staff.

Your future colleagues

what makes working at Demcon so great?

Quote-expertise-Demcon-careers-Luc-Binnendijk Luc Binnendijk

“Really helping a trainer get their players in better shape with the use of the latest GPS technology – that is wonderful to see!”

Geschiedenis-Marijke-werkenbij.jpg Marijke van Duuren

“Contributing ideas to various Demcon companies on communications, both internal and external, is incredibly interesting.”

Quote-expertise-Demcon-careers-Anita-Telders2 Anita Telders

“Diversity, collegiality and commitment are the core tenets of my position!”

Laure Barts

“I offer supervisors advice and support with regard to HR-related matters, which allows them to do their jobs better.”