make our designs tangible at Prototyping.

With prototyping, you make our product and system concept designs tangible, whether it’s a small product or a large machine. You do this with the help of proof-of-principle setups and functional models (prototypes). In close cooperation with the engineer, you work on the mechanical and electrical assembly and adapt tooling or components where necessary. Our prototyping activities result in “frozen” product or system designs or even a small series of products.

Your future colleagues

what makes working at Demcon so great?

Marcel Cats

“The number of different high-tech and medical projects, and the high level of them makes it interesting. We also really make something; it’s not just assembling.”

Quote-expertise-Demcon-careers-Leo-Tenhagen Leo Tenhagen

“What I love most is developing tooling, so the production department can assemble products more easily and further reduce its error margins.”

Quote-expertise-Demcon-careers-Marco-Gerritsen Marco Gerritsen

“With a small and dedicated team, we work together on the realization of innovative machinery, modules and measurement/test setups.”

Quote-expertise-Demcon-careers-Ywan-de-Jong Ywan de Jong

“I love contributing to the design and realization of various proto setups in a workshop that I get to design myself.”