from prototype to assembly: take care of the entire production process at Production & Supply chain.

In the production department, you and your colleagues handle the entire production process: from prototype and production engineering to the supply chain, assembly and aftersales. The products you realize together are complex in nature. The Supply Chain department is responsible for the optimal design and implementation of the various supply chain processes. In close collaboration with your colleagues in the production, procurement, program management, manufacturing and quality departments, you deliver our clients’ systems and products.

Our areas of expertise

  • manufacturing engineers
  • test technicians
  • assembly engineers
  • process engineers
  • assembly operators
  • assembly technicians

our support.

  • sales support
  • purchasing
  • planning
  • supply chain engineering
Your future colleagues

what makes working at Demcon so great?

Quote-expertise-Demcon-careers-Thijs-Ordelmans Thijs Ordelmans

“We make a valuable contribution to our clients’ business operations with our machines and devices.”

Julian Dekker

“What I love most about my job is the alternation between theory and practice.”

Bart Somhorst

“The trust and opportunities I get from the organization allow me to keep growing.”

Freek Seiger

“I love being involved in both the design and the realization phase of a project. Properly managing everything saves both time and money.”