contribute to smooth purchasing processes at Procurement.

Does development at Demcon, where your focus in the procurement process is on technology, suit you? Or would you rather work for our production companies where your main focus is on purchasing conditions such as the best price and fastest delivery time? Wherever you get to work, variety abounds! And you play an important role, because as much as 70% of turnover at companies is purchasing! As an operational buyer, you minimize supply risks. As a tactical buyer, you select the right suppliers. Last but not least, our strategic buyers translate purchasing targets to the various departments. Because the purchasing sector is constantly developing, professionals in our Procurement department can count on a diverse job with plenty of development opportunities.

Your future colleagues

what makes working at Demcon so great?

Vincent Heuvel

“With my knowledge of the market and the situation at hand, I can facilitate the perfect connection between suppliers and engineers.”

Quote-expertise-Demcon-careers-Leonie-Hulshof Leonie Hulshof

“I love working together with my team to contribute to the successful completion of a project.”

Quote-expertise-Demcon-careers-Carolyn Weijermars 2 Carolyn Weijermars

“I love the game of negotiating optimal purchasing conditions that both parties are satisfied with.”

Quote-expertise-Demcon-careers-Marina-van-Dijk Marina van Dijk

“The purchasing process has to be right from start to finish. It is a highly dynamic environment. That’s what I love!”

Quote-expertise-Demcon-careers-Meriël Kolkman Meriël Kolkman

“I actively contribute to the output of production by working with our suppliers to keep the supply chain running.”