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  • Graduate assignment design of an emergency off (EMO) box

    Graduate assignment design of an emergency off (EMO) box

    Do you want to make the lives of our engineers in the lab a little safer?

    In the lab, there are many test setups used by engineers. It is desired to have an emergency button for unsafe situations and/or unpredictable behavior of a system. By developing an EMO box, you provide a plug-and-play solution. The EMO box includes various sensors such as inputs, buttons, smoke detectors, and other smart sensors that monitor the system. You will analyze the requirements needed for an EMO box and conduct research on technologies and materials, leading to the creation of technical specifications. Based on the specifications, you will design, implement, and verify the solution. Ultimately, the entire system will be tested in practice.

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  • Internship: participate in an EEET project

    Internship: participate in an EEET project

    Are you curious about what the work of an electrical engineer at Demcon entails? How do you create an electrical design for a challenging mechatronic system?

    After a short onboarding period where you familiarize yourself with the department’s tools and practices, you will fully participate in a project. Together with an experienced electrical engineer, you will be part of a multidisciplinary team that develops and ultimately realizes the system according to the Demcon way of working. Depending on the timeframe, you will go through various phases of the project. You will contribute to the concept phase and develop the concepts into production drawings. After the detailed phase, the realization will begin in our own workshop. Here, you will guide the prototype engineers in the construction process, after which you will test and validate the system.

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  • Intern: measurement setup on vibrations in the Joule-Thomson cryocoolers for cryoem and Einstein telescope

    Intern: measurement setup on vibrations in the Joule-Thomson cryocoolers for cryoem and Einstein telescope

    Are you the academic student that will take care of the development of a vibration measurement setup in the Demcon Kryoz Lab? Then continue reading! 

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  • Stage werkplekbeheer

    Stage werkplekbeheer

    Ben jij op zoek naar een uitdagende stage op het gebied van werkplekbeheer? Reageer dan snel!

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  • Internship/Graduation: Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing

    Internship/Graduation: Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing

    In the past years, Demcon has developed many mechatronic systems. Often such a system consists of a PLC system to allow users to control systems. 

    It is very important that applications & functions running on a PLC actually perform the way it’s intended by the engineer who implemented it. Most often function tests are performed manually and on the hardware of the end-product, but this increases risk of damage. To ensure this does not happen, these (function) tests should be performed before actually deploying the software.

    It is possible to automatically perform function tests directly on a (sub)set of hardware, this is called hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing. With a HIL test system you can test your software directly on a hardware platform without having the complete system present. You can also verify functions by overriding in- and output signals to make sure the software is robust and works as intended. 

    The added benefit of performing such tests is that it reduces the time required for testing and validation of the software during the integration and testing phase of a project.

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  • Student assignment shock response

    Student assignment shock response

    Medical devices are often mobile: either portable or mounted on a trolley . Mostly during transport, these devices  are exposed to shocks. For transport outside the hospital (e.g., by train, car, airplane) sometimes the device can be packed to reduce the impact of the shocks, if necessary. For transport inside the hospital, it is often preferable to transport the device without packaging. Examples of shocks are moving the trolley-mounted device over a doorstep or dropping/colliding the device. The design of the device needs to be such that the device survives these shocks.

    One method of analyzing shocks and determining severity is called Shock Response Spectrum (SRS). However, shock severity thresholds are based on military standards, and construction methods and safety factors will differ from the way medical devices are designed at Demcon.sides, this theory is not accepted everywhere, and clear application examples are yet missing.

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  • Graduation internship: Predicting the behavior of a system

    Graduation internship: Predicting the behavior of a system

    Are you looking for a challenging internship. Please contact us.

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  • Intern communication

    Intern communication

    Do you enjoy creating creative and informative content for our website, intranet or social media? And do you know exactly how to tailor the message to the target group? And do you enjoy organising and steer events (both with guests and employees) in the right direction? Then you are the communications intern we are looking for in Eindhoven! We offer you a varied, challenging and above all instructive six-month period. You will gain experience in internal and external communication and labour market communication.

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