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  • Medior Software engineer High Tech

    Medior Software engineer High Tech

    Do you have working experience with C++ and want freedom, impact and development in your work? Then the role of software engineer at DEMCON suits you!


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  • Information security manager

    Information security manager

    Are you the professional who will take information security within the Demcon Group to the next level?

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  • QA/RA Engineer High Tech

    QA/RA Engineer High Tech

    QA/RA engineer at Demcon is a challenging position with very diverse work. You will work closely with all disciplines within Demcon, but also have contact with external parties. We are looking for someone with experience in the field of quality assurance, standards and regulations and certification of products within the high-tech systems industry or industrial machines.

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  • Intern: measurement setup on vibrations in the Joule-Thomson cryocoolers for cryoem and Einstein telescope

    Intern: measurement setup on vibrations in the Joule-Thomson cryocoolers for cryoem and Einstein telescope

    Are you the academic student that will take care of the development of a vibration measurement setup in the Demcon Kryoz Lab? Then continue reading! 

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  • Software engineer high-tech systems

    Software engineer high-tech systems

    We are looking for a software engineer with affinity for machine controls for mechatronic systems. You are able to think along with various customer questions and know how to translate these into solutions and proposals for improvements. You will work in an existing team where there is room for further growth and development.

    The software engineering department makes software for a wide variety of mechatronic systems and products. The expertise lies both in the field of industrial controls and PC applications. The development of industrial controllers is object-oriented and runs on a PLC. The PC applications are user interfaces or for data processing.

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  • Stage werkplekbeheer

    Stage werkplekbeheer

    Ben jij op zoek naar een uitdagende stage op het gebied van werkplekbeheer? Reageer dan snel!

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  • Business developer: High-Tech System

    Business developer: High-Tech System

    Love for high-tech systems. You know which customer demand makes our engineers happy. Does this suit you? Read on for more information.

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  • Internship/Graduation: Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing

    Internship/Graduation: Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing

    In the past years, Demcon has developed many mechatronic systems. Often such a system consists of a PLC system to allow users to control systems. 

    It is very important that applications & functions running on a PLC actually perform the way it’s intended by the engineer who implemented it. Most often function tests are performed manually and on the hardware of the end-product, but this increases risk of damage. To ensure this does not happen, these (function) tests should be performed before actually deploying the software.

    It is possible to automatically perform function tests directly on a (sub)set of hardware, this is called hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing. With a HIL test system you can test your software directly on a hardware platform without having the complete system present. You can also verify functions by overriding in- and output signals to make sure the software is robust and works as intended. 

    The added benefit of performing such tests is that it reduces the time required for testing and validation of the software during the integration and testing phase of a project.

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  • Key accountmanager High tech

    Key accountmanager High tech

    Are you the energetic, commercial and enterprising key account manager we are looking for? Are you capable of further developing the cooperation between Demcon and our key account ASML into a solid partnership? Then apply quickly!

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  • Mechanical lead engineer

    Mechanical lead engineer

    Do you like to be involved from beginning to end, in terms of both content and organization, and do you dare to take the lead? Then we would like to hear from you.

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  • Mechanical engineer

    Mechanical engineer

    You are involved from start (specification) to delivery (integration and/or industrialization) and get a lot of responsibility and freedom. Together with your group leader you choose projects that you find interesting and that fit your competences. This open approach typifies our culture.

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  • Electrical engineer / power electronics

    Electrical engineer / power electronics

    Being involved as an electrical engineer in the energy transition of the future! That is possible at Demcon.

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  • Student assignment shock response

    Student assignment shock response

    Medical devices are often mobile: either portable or mounted on a trolley . Mostly during transport, these devices  are exposed to shocks. For transport outside the hospital (e.g., by train, car, airplane) sometimes the device can be packed to reduce the impact of the shocks, if necessary. For transport inside the hospital, it is often preferable to transport the device without packaging. Examples of shocks are moving the trolley-mounted device over a doorstep or dropping/colliding the device. The design of the device needs to be such that the device survives these shocks.

    One method of analyzing shocks and determining severity is called Shock Response Spectrum (SRS). However, shock severity thresholds are based on military standards, and construction methods and safety factors will differ from the way medical devices are designed at Demcon.sides, this theory is not accepted everywhere, and clear application examples are yet missing.

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  • Software engineer C#, WPF, Vision

    Software engineer C#, WPF, Vision

    Work as a software engineer on optical and vision assignments within Demcon focal. That means working on various challenging projects and delivering concrete solutions for our customers. Come and have a coffee for an introduction.

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  • Business developer high tech

    Business developer high tech

    Love for high-tech systems. You know which customer demand makes our engineers happy. Does this suit you? Read on for more information.

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  • Graduation internship: Predicting the behavior of a system

    Graduation internship: Predicting the behavior of a system

    Are you looking for a challenging internship. Please contact us.

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  • Electrical hardware engineer

    Electrical hardware engineer

    As an electrical engineer, collaborate on mechatronic systems that make an impact in climate change or step forward in semicon!

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  • Project manager IVD systems

    Project manager IVD systems

    Our R&D teams are making a big impact with the development of In-Vitro Diagnostic systems. These projects are complex, both organizationally and technically.
    Complexity goes hand in hand with added value. Can you switch between abstraction and detail and do you like to form the bridge between customer and your own team?
    Then we would like to get in touch with you!

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