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  • Electrical engineer High Tech

    Electrical engineer High Tech

    DEMCON is active in two markets, those for High-tech Systems and Medical Systems. For our customers in these markets, we work on the most diverse, but always high-quality solutions. In our multidisciplinary teams of engineers, we work on various projects such as a 3D glass printer, qualification tool, or a portable blood pressure monitor.

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  • Graduate assignment design of an emergency off (EMO) box

    Graduate assignment design of an emergency off (EMO) box

    Do you want to make the lives of our engineers in the lab a little safer?

    In the lab, there are many test setups used by engineers. It is desired to have an emergency button for unsafe situations and/or unpredictable behavior of a system. By developing an EMO box, you provide a plug-and-play solution. The EMO box includes various sensors such as inputs, buttons, smoke detectors, and other smart sensors that monitor the system. You will analyze the requirements needed for an EMO box and conduct research on technologies and materials, leading to the creation of technical specifications. Based on the specifications, you will design, implement, and verify the solution. Ultimately, the entire system will be tested in practice.

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  • Internship: participate in an EEET project

    Internship: participate in an EEET project

    Are you curious about what the work of an electrical engineer at Demcon entails? How do you create an electrical design for a challenging mechatronic system?

    After a short onboarding period where you familiarize yourself with the department’s tools and practices, you will fully participate in a project. Together with an experienced electrical engineer, you will be part of a multidisciplinary team that develops and ultimately realizes the system according to the Demcon way of working. Depending on the timeframe, you will go through various phases of the project. You will contribute to the concept phase and develop the concepts into production drawings. After the detailed phase, the realization will begin in our own workshop. Here, you will guide the prototype engineers in the construction process, after which you will test and validate the system.

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  • Electrical engineer / power electronics

    Electrical engineer / power electronics

    Being involved as an electrical engineer in the energy transition of the future! That is possible at Demcon.

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  • Electrical hardware engineer

    Electrical hardware engineer

    As an electrical engineer, collaborate on mechatronic systems that make an impact in climate change or step forward in semicon!

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